Monday, October 3, 2011

on the hunt.

For about 5 years I have been searching, hunting, seeking the perfect leopard print coat. Why oh why is this so hard to find?! The print's too small, the coloring's not right, The fit is's always something. What's a girl to do when she just can't find the perfect Kate Moss-esque coat? Every year I stop in to this great vintage shop in Wicker Park that always has a massive collection in stock, but the fit is always boxy and they all seem to have serious damage.
This season I have seen some good versions however they all run from $200 - $3000. For faux fur!? I spotted a great one in the window of the new Topshop leading me to squeal in delight, "That's it! That's my coat!" I guess I will just have to go in and try it on. I can't seem to find it on their site but here's the idea:


  1. You better believe I'm on the look out too! I know the one from Topshop you're talking about, I haven't tried it on yet either, but it's still in the back of my mind. P.s. did I tell you I'm going as a leopard for Halloween at the office? My costume just entails and entirely leopard print outfit and yes I have shoes, pants, sweater, and headband. Is that sick?

  2. it's sooo cute, but it's $200 and it doesn't look at that luxurious! NO! that's not sick, totally understandable..i want pics!