Tuesday, January 31, 2012

january round up

 The things I've loved through the month of January:

 Clarasonic Mia: Why? Because, now my face is so clean I don't know how to handle it! It's hot pink and I've wanted one FOREVER! I like to threaten to clarasonic my boyfriend daily. But seriously, this thing is great and definitely worth the money. 

Interior Design Blogs: Now that I am FINALLY getting my new apartment, I've become more obsessed with reading these blogs. Anything that has great DIY ideas is a plus. Here are some good ones:

New Leopard Coat: I found this right before Christmas and have worn it almost daily ever since. Who knew my perfect leopard coat was at Forever 21!? See my OCDness over leopard:

FabricGuru.com: I came across this while perusing an old issue of Elle Decor. They have great fabrics at even better prices. I bought yardage of this zig zag to make a slip cover for my chair...tutorial to come, maybe. 

Lady Gaga Viva Glam: My bestie gave me the set for Christmas and while I love the nude (Viva Glam 2) the pink really has me hooked. It gives the perfect 1960's bubble gum pink! 

Tom Hardy: Yea, he's a big piece of British eye candy, but he can act too! If you haven't checked out "The Take", do it! Quite disturbing, but good. Afterwords, cleanse your palette with his version of "Wuthering Heights". Oye Heathcliff! 

Mossimo for Target Engineer boots: Picked these guys up a few months ago for $30! For real leather! I have to say, I kind of set them aside for a while in favor of other shoe options, but this month I have worn them almost everyday. So comfortable and they give you a little height as an added bonus. Unfortunately, they are back at full price. Why didn't I get the black ones too?! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

pop of pink!

pop of pink!

I love bright colors, especially hot pink! The easiest and chicest way to incorporate brights into my wardrobe is to mix them with neutrals. Not only will it look a bit less jarring, but it will really let the color pop. I love this super graphic leather mini and pairing it with this pink chiffon blouse would really change up the look and add some softeness. Add a dash of hot pink lipstick, a bold silver and you're all set!

Button down shirt
$275 - aliceandolivia.com

Balmain high waisted skirt
€5.694 - antonioli.eu

ZiGiny high heels
$120 - zappos.com

Proenza Schouler shoulder bag
€1.525 - colette.fr

MTWTFSS Weekday silver bangle
€20 - weekday.com

Sunday, January 29, 2012

wooed by wu

Just caught the ad for Jason Wu's collection for Target and I'm not ashamed to say it induced a little dance around my apartment. So adorable, so up my street! Immediately, I set out on a quest for the look book...more squealing. This collection debuts on February 5th, my day off from work no less and I can't wait to trot on down to my local Target to scoop up some of these pieces. I wonder if this will be another Missoni situation, you know, total global fashion meltdown. I have always shopped the Target collaborations from Luella to Zac Posen and they never disappoint. Here are some of my favorite looks, that bag is a must!

images via The Huffington Post

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

it's easy being green.

From chartreuse to teal, there are so many beautiful shades of green out there for spring. I'm looking to accessories  to incorporate these brights into my spring wardrobe. What? Too early to think about spring? Never! Here are some of my favorites. I would mix any of these pieces with crisp white or creamy neutrals. 

1. Charlotte Olympia
2. Roberto Cavalli
3. Rag and Bone
4. Meredith Wendall
5. Jill Stuart
6. Oscar de la Renta
7. Bally
8. Devi Kroell
9. Rag and Bone
10. Stella MCartney
11. Aurellie Bidermann
12. Timex

all images via style.com

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fashion Films: The Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome

I have a particular love for any film in which a duo is on the run, why? I suppose I have some secret desire to live the life of an outlaw, and yeah, their clothes are always pretty good. Bonnie and Clyde is the obvious choice. Faye Dunaway in camel berets and silk scarves, yes. Warren Beaty in pin stripe suits, double yes.
Another favorite film in the genre, Thelma and Louise. This is the only time a confederate flag tee shirt is appropriate, high rise acid washed jeans and cowboys hats, it's all pretty great. I can't watch this film without developing a twang, and calling up my best girlfriend to plan a roadtrip in which we fly through the desert in an old school convertable taking out our agression on "bad men". Obviously ludicrous but looks so fun. And let's not forget Brad Pitt's involvement in this film, back when he was the go to hot guy, for good reasons. 
Badlands! My boyfriend introduced me to this film a few years ago and since then I constantly want to watch it. Martin Sheen picks up poor little Sissy Spacek and together they take their love on the road making big trouble along the way. Spacek wears sweet little sundresses and Sheen takes on the classic badboy look of the 1950's a la Marlon Brando. Let's not forget Kalifornia! Juliet Lewis and Brad Pitt join up with a couple researching serial killers and travel across the country not knowing that Brad Pitt is a killer himself. Juliet Lewis wears baby barrettes and slip dresses, the epitome of ninety's fashion. While we are on the Juliet Lewis is an awesome chick train let's talk Natural Born Killers. This movie is nuts and full of awesome out there fashion! Mickey and Mallory are celebrity criminals on the run and it all just gets well, crazy. Mallory takes full advantage of her infamy changing her look and wigs regularly with much joy. Yes, all of the movies are a bit over the top and violent, but seriously, the costumes are good!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday's List

1. Vintage Chanel jewels and baubles
2. Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick, perfect if you love Kate Moss and inexpensive cosmetics
3. Zara Clutch: Following the "pencil case as a purse trend", this one mixes skins in a variety of neutrals.
4. Chloe Spring 2012 RTW: Chloe never lets me down, no matter who's at the wheel. Love the diaphanous fabrics and soft tones. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

fashion film: Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston

As an obsessor over all things 1970's, "Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston" was a dream. This film covers the history of Halston and his rise to household name in the seventies. It is hard to imagine that there are people who are so unaware of Halston, his legacy and how his designs changed the way women dressed forever. From the "Halstonettes" which included Pat Cleveland and Angelica Houston to drug fueled nights at studio 54, Ultrasuede pulls you into the magnificence of 1970's New York. The director, Whitney Sudler-Smith clearly has a fascination with this particular period of time and gets first hand accounts from the likes of Liza Minelli, Billy Joel and a fantastically snarky Andre Leon Talley.

Friday, January 20, 2012

pucker up

Prada's 2012 resort collection is resonating through fashion high and low, with lips! Oh how these little red lips speak to me! (pardon the pun). Many of the prints echo back to Andy Warhol's famous lip prints from the 1950's. My beloved DVF adopted these prints a while ago and they coat everything from dresses to iphone covers. Just in time for Valentine's day, because apparently we are supposed to think of such things so far into the future, we have oodles of lip prints to choose from. What would I pair with one of these pieces? A healthy does of red lipstick of course!
Here are some of my picks:

Warhol's lips

Prada Resort 2012
DVF 2012

Holly Fulton

Betsey Johnson

Yves Saint Laurent
Nasty Gal

Nars Velvet Matte Lip pencil in Dragon Girl