Friday, October 21, 2011


Something quite lovely happened this week. I found out that I am going to appear on WCIU's morning show You, Me and the Morning on Thursday Nov. 3rd! I will be on to talk about my recent win at the Star Fruit Fall Fashion competition and discussing fall fashion trends with the lovely ladies of Cheeky Chicago! Let's skip talking about my ensuing nausea concerning live TV, me, and a very early call time, let's talk about fashion instead shall we? What's a girl to wear?! I hit up my favorite of favorites today, Vogue fabrics to get some fabric for a hopefully successful outfit, and I succeeded! I found a gorgeous crinkle silk chiffon in a deep shade of pumpkin with violet watercolor spots, a silk satin rather DVF-ish geometric print and a great nubby wool in the remnants section! What a score! Now only to find the time to construct this little get up! But really, I couldn't be more grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way in this past year. As anybody in a creative field knows, it can be a very steep hill to climb to find recognition in all of our hard work so having even just one person like our work means everything.
Now enough jibber jabber, here's an outfit of the day:
the loot

blouse: Presence, jeans: Forever 21, boots: Target, hat: vintage, bag/scarf: Presence

now that's a bishop sleeve!
watch: Michael Kors, bracelets: Presence and Forever 21

photos: Jamison Spencer

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