Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Biba Fever

I've just been kind of rediscovering my love for 1960's British fashion and I can't stop thinking about Barbara Hulanicki and her line Biba. I recently reread From A to Biba, a great little book I found at my college book store about Hulanicki and how her little shop took off and became a major staple for the youth of London. It's really an interesting read and another good source for aspiring designers.  I also want to check out Biba: The Biba Experience as I have heard other Biba devotees rave about it. What isn't there to love about Biba? From her great print ads featuring psychedelic art nouveau designs, to her 1930's inspired makeup to the amazing prints and silhouettes of her clothes. It's all just so 60's and so fun!