Monday, December 26, 2011

back to business

Hello all! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. After all this Christmas crazy it's nice to finally relax and start getting back to real life. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and the day after is always a bit sad but at the same time, it's like now that the buying, giving, cooking and cleaning is all done, we can all finally just chill out! Today, I decided to suit up and take my self to the book store for some free internet, yes, my mother's house is internet free oddly enough and get some work and blogging done. Unfortunately, no holiday ootd pics as my mother also possesses the talent of taking the most awful and unflattering photos in all the world! But, she tries! One interesting thing about being back home is looking through all of my old clothes. Every time I come back here I find something that used to be my favorite, or even something I don't remember at all! I re discovered this Issac Mizrahi blouse and Benneton sweater vest that I bought in Rome years ago! I also found these super cute vintage earrings in my old jewelry box. These are surely coming back to Chicago with me!  Here's a little post-holiday ootd:

Earrings: Vintage, Sweatshirt: Proenza Schouler

Blouse: Issac Mizrahi, Vest: United Colors of Benneton, Jeans: J. Crew

Blazer: J. Crew

Saturday, December 17, 2011

another day, another DVF dress.

The angels are singing as I have finally finished college up and it's time for some Christmas break relaxation.  Last night I had a little birthday/graduation celebration complete with burgers, cocktails and karaoke. All in all a pretty fabulous evening. I also finally purchased a new camera battery! I mean really, what's the point of getting dressed anymore if I can't document it, right? I wore one of my new favorite dresses, a silk DVF number I got at the Saks sale. I just love the deep cowl and the fitted skirt. It seems quite appropriate for any season really. I paired it with shades of brown and wore on of those lipsticks that so dark and dramatic, it's only really appropriate on special occasions...oh, who am I kidding? I wore it grocery shopping this morning. Here's an outfit of the evening:

Dress: Diane von Furstenberg

Booties: Marc Jacobs, Tights: Kate Spade

Fur: H&M, Coat: United Colors of Benneton

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Last days..

So, I am quickly approaching the end on my college career..four more days!! I'm actually going to miss school. I like being in fashion classes among my people, you know, the other lunatics who understand the importance of a swatch and a good design. I am exciting to finally start putting all of this fashion business into motion. But for now, it's just finishing up with exams and final projects. It doesn't help that I have had an abnormally social weekend. I hung out with friends, played a show with my band and even went to the puppy store (no, I didn't buy). I also managed to drop my camera battery behind the stove never to be seen again! Yep, that happened. Now I am left stressed and struggling to get everything all finished up by thursday. Today was spent running all over town gathering swatches and other materials for my menswear final and making up a yoga sequence for a presentation. Here are some of my current ins and outs for my final days as a stressed college student:


-Philosophy Fresh Vanilla Frost Bubble Bath: The best thing after a long day of schlepping around horridly cold Chicago.

-My new DVF Wrap: I scored this little number in the Saks after Thanksgiving sales and finally got to wear it this weekend. No OOTD due to that little mishap with the camera battery :(

-Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish: Dark, sexy, vampy, classy. You know, it's just all that good stuff.

-Sweater tights: So much warmer than pants! I've been wearing a different pair everyday with wool skirts and shift dresses.

-My birthday: Knowing that I have an evening of guilt free partying ahead of me is always incentive to just buckle down and get my work done!

-Absolutely Fabulous: My all time favorite show! This is what I like to watch at the end of a crazy day...I just think, one day I will be some crazy fashion lady with too much time and money on her

-Hives: I'm breaking out in hives constantly due to an allergic reaction...trying to ignore it as to not make it worse.
                                  (no pic needed!)

- Chicago weather: it's "I might die right now" cold! What's worse is that it's going to be WORSE!

-Winston: Everyday I come home and this little guy is right where I left him, in bed. I'm starting to resent his laissez faire lifestyle.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Biba Fever

I've just been kind of rediscovering my love for 1960's British fashion and I can't stop thinking about Barbara Hulanicki and her line Biba. I recently reread From A to Biba, a great little book I found at my college book store about Hulanicki and how her little shop took off and became a major staple for the youth of London. It's really an interesting read and another good source for aspiring designers.  I also want to check out Biba: The Biba Experience as I have heard other Biba devotees rave about it. What isn't there to love about Biba? From her great print ads featuring psychedelic art nouveau designs, to her 1930's inspired makeup to the amazing prints and silhouettes of her clothes. It's all just so 60's and so fun! 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Distractions

As I'm sure I have mentioned before, this spring I will be moving to a new apartment! I'm so excited and am constantly thinking about what I want it to look like, even creating an inspiration folder chock full of spreads from Elle Decor and dream pieces that I could never afford.  If you spent 6 years in a studio with another person, you'd be excited too! In an effort to distract myself from doing all of my final projects (2 more weeks of school yay!) I went ahead and compiled a short list of some of my favorite pieces. In doing so, I've realized how my style has changed so much over the last few years. Sick if being in a cluttered, tiny space, I am dreaming of a clean, modern yet vintage apartment. 

1. Ikea  Couch
2. Cb2 Arm Chair
3. Ikea Tulip Table
4. Anthropologie Marie Antoinette Plates
5. Jonathan Adler Pillow
6. Pier One Hayworth Vanity
7. Alessi Heart Spoons
8. Etsy Norwegian Print
9. Phillipe Starck Ghost Chair
10. Ikea Coffee Table
11. West Elm Shag Carpet
12. DVF Bedding