Tuesday, February 8, 2011

j'adore dior

I'm currently obsessed with vintage fashion illustrations. I spotted these vintage Dior ads online several years ago a dreamed of having them all framed in my bathroom. In the pre-super model age and even more, way before celebrities dominated fashion ads, fine artists created advertisements for fashion houses, and frankly, I find these much more appealing. Ads like these showed the beginning a mass marketing. Fashion houses that specifically created haute couture for the wealthy set, set out to create affordable merchandise for the general public. Splashing the name Dior on everything from lingerie to perfume to cosmetics allows the average consumer (ie. us couture-free commoners) to have a piece of the "Dior pie". So, if you simply cannot afford that Dior gown or bag this month, buy your self a Dior lipstick or bottle of Miss Dior. Me? I'm going to pick a spot on my wall for these ads...Now I have a piece of the pie!

prints courtesy of allposters.com

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