Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a wedge of beauty..

I'm what you would call a little lady. When I am  alone in my apartment or among my other little friends I feel as though I am an amazon, clearing 5'9"easily when in fact I am a mere 5'2" (on a good day). I have embraced my stature over the years, after all, us little ones can easily creep up to the front row at concerts, wear dresses that are deemed tastelessly short on tall girls, we gain great skills in climbing (ya know, to reach stuff) and can wear towering, sky high heels without making boyfriends feel like well...short.

It's no surprise though that a have a certain passion for shoes, big ones. Since my early teen years I have been collecting fun, summery wedges. They are completely comfortable, add oodles of height and make your legs look pretty great. My first pair were Bandolinos. They had red and white striped straps and massive cork heels. It strutted around in these summer after summer until eventually they fell apart. Little has changed as every year around this time I start seeking out new versions. This year I am seeking out bright, disco-esque versions. Acidic, citrusy hues are on the top of my list.  Here are some of my favorites:

2. Steve Madden
3. Jefferey Campbell
4. Kurt Gieger
5. Pierre Hardy
6. Christian Loubitan
7. River Island


  1. I love wedges, too! I'm about 5'6", and I enjoy towering over (or at least getting eye-level with) my boyfriend when I wear them. :) I'm not really into heels, but I've always felt comfortable and still somewhat loyal to my tomboy-ishness in wedges.

  2. I'll take them all. Wrap them up please!

    1. send me your size, i'll get two pairs of each today!

  3. Love them! Although I'm 5'11 so ya know :(
    And thanks for the follow :)

    Sophh Elizabeth

  4. I have such a wedge obsession right now. They're the only type of shoes I'm currently buying... could be trouble.

    Eau de Violet