Sunday, February 5, 2012

next up: Marni for H&M

Today was the launch of Jason Wu for Target and off course it was a huge success. I couldn't manage to haul myself out of bed this morning in order to score anything.  I scooped up a bag and scarf last night online, but opted to shop the clothing in store. Mistake. By the time I got there nothing was left, just a blouse and skirt. Either way, I got the two things I wanted the most. Before I go on to Marni, can I just say how annoying it is that there are these trolls out there buying up all the goods and turning around and selling them on ebay for triple the price. All I can say is, Bad Fashion Karma.
Onto the Marni. The next big collaboration in the works is Marni for H&M. I have to mention that I have never been all that impressed with the H&M collaborations. The quality never matches the price. There are always a few pieces that appeal to me online initially, however, in person they look a bit cheap. Marni however, I am hoping is a different story. Afterall, I have a giftcard from Christmas burning a hole in my wallet! I am also hoping that because Marni isn't a giant name among the masses, mainly worshiped by the true devotees of fashion, that it won't be another rampage to snag items. But, if you love graphic prints, bold colors and're going to love Marni. This Italian house always produces clean lined clothing that shows simplicity and pizazz at the same time. Here's the ad, done by another favorite, Sofia Coppola.

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