Tuesday, January 31, 2012

january round up

 The things I've loved through the month of January:

 Clarasonic Mia: Why? Because, now my face is so clean I don't know how to handle it! It's hot pink and I've wanted one FOREVER! I like to threaten to clarasonic my boyfriend daily. But seriously, this thing is great and definitely worth the money. 

Interior Design Blogs: Now that I am FINALLY getting my new apartment, I've become more obsessed with reading these blogs. Anything that has great DIY ideas is a plus. Here are some good ones:

New Leopard Coat: I found this right before Christmas and have worn it almost daily ever since. Who knew my perfect leopard coat was at Forever 21!? See my OCDness over leopard:

FabricGuru.com: I came across this while perusing an old issue of Elle Decor. They have great fabrics at even better prices. I bought yardage of this zig zag to make a slip cover for my chair...tutorial to come, maybe. 

Lady Gaga Viva Glam: My bestie gave me the set for Christmas and while I love the nude (Viva Glam 2) the pink really has me hooked. It gives the perfect 1960's bubble gum pink! 

Tom Hardy: Yea, he's a big piece of British eye candy, but he can act too! If you haven't checked out "The Take", do it! Quite disturbing, but good. Afterwords, cleanse your palette with his version of "Wuthering Heights". Oye Heathcliff! 

Mossimo for Target Engineer boots: Picked these guys up a few months ago for $30! For real leather! I have to say, I kind of set them aside for a while in favor of other shoe options, but this month I have worn them almost everyday. So comfortable and they give you a little height as an added bonus. Unfortunately, they are back at full price. Why didn't I get the black ones too?! 

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