Sunday, January 15, 2012

back to regularly scheduled programing

Just got back into town from a lovely month long break and am already overwhelmed with the "to dos" for the next few months. Ugh, find a second job, a new apartment, start a new collection AND make a real attempt at planning a wedding! All of this is fun yet scary at the same time. To take my mind off of all these tasks let's talk TV.

 First, we have the second season of All on the Line. If you haven't checked out this Sundance show you are really missing out. Elle's adorable creative director Joe Zee invades the studios of struggling designers with sinking business and assists them in creating a sellable collection. He sets them up with a presentation with buyers from stores like Scoop and Bloomingdales in hopes that they will sell their line and dig themselves out of the hole. This show makes me wish I had a 100k to start a business, fail and then have Joe Zee come and rescue me!

Next, we have It's a Brad Brad World. First of all, anyone who knows me knows about my Rachel Zoe obsession. The thought of betraying her by watching her strayed assistant thrive on television seemed very wrong and just uninteresting, even though yea, I do think Brad is very cute, and lovable. I did happen to catch an episode on a particularly slow and lazy day and guess what? It's not bad! It's kind of nice to see him struggling so much after leaving the Zoe camp and trying to make it on his own. I actually want him to succeed, bow ties and all.

Third, is Project Runway Allstars. I have been watching Project Runway since season one but this past season I really had no interest. I let each and every episode fly by without a care or worry about what I was missing. I was done with it. My love for Mondo and Austin Scarlet is what drew me back with Project Runway Allstars. I wasn't all that excited however to watch it as I feel like I knew the formula already. I mean, I love seeing other people's creative process, but that's not what we are getting anymore. Instead, we have cat-fights and model show spinoffs. With Allstars however, we are getting much more of the creating and less of the interpersonal relationships. And the clothes are actually good!

And Finally, we can't talk TV without mentioning the show of all shows, my favorite, Absolutely Fabulous! After eight, long, boring, tasteful years we have our beloved Patsy and Edina back. In reality, this comeback sitcoms never really work or hold up, but episode one was not a let down in the least. I can't wait to see what these ladies get mixed up in next!

What are you spending your wintery nights watching these days?

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