Sunday, November 6, 2011

You got that where?

Tomorrow starts one of my most hectic weeks yet. Must get so much done before Thanksgiving break!  I spent my day in the windows of Presence creating a display for our 42nd Anniversary. I got so into this project I'm pretty much spent as far as productive energy goes, so tonight a cup of coffee is in order to get all of my other projects and school work done.
 Here are my finds from my mini shopping extravaganza over the weekend. I must say that I got most of these items from, wait for it... Old Navy! What? That place? Yeah, that place. I was heading in to pick up some basic tees and tanks and this coat literally screamed at me from across the store, "Hey! Hey you! You're looking for me over here!". Okay not really, but it certainly seemed that way! This coat was priced at $100 but was 50% off...oh yea, right up my street. I was heading out the door when I heard more crazed screams from the clearance rack, "Hey, cigarette pants over here for ten bucks!". Ten you say? I'm in. No, I didn't pick up sensible khaki, black or green, I needed fuchsia of course. These look eerily similar to the J. Crew ones I have been eyeing but at 1/8 of the price, so until those go on sale these puppies are pretty great. The flats I picked up years ago, but I didn't realize till I got to work that they too were Old Navy. So, call me a "modelquin" or whatever those obnoxious things are called, but somebody there is doing something right.

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  1. I love fuchsia! Awesome finds....