Friday, November 18, 2011

Blue Velvet.

It's friday and you know what that means, my day off and a trip to Vogue Fabrics. Now, before you think I'm just some hoarder of fine fabrics...true...I'm usually there getting swatches for school projects. While I couldn't find any of what I was looking for for said project, I did hit the jackpot for myself. I ended up purchasing heaps of turquoise velvet! Sounds weird, but I could instantly see a gorgeous, Halston inspired, grecian dress. In others words, disco, my constant inspiration.  I also purchased about two yards of gold chain to possibly use as trim or if that fails to make some necklaces with. I wanted to get some sort of glitzy buckles but couldn't find any that were right. This will probably turn into some over the top birthday dress. I tend to dress like I'm headed to Studio 54 on my birthday and then just meet my friends at a dive bar. What would a bright blue velvet dress with gold details call for? Bowling? Roller skating?
Here's an outfit of the day and my purchases:

Jacket: My Beloved via Presence, Shirt: Truly, Madly, Deeply via Urban Outfitters, Jeans: J. Crew
 Bracelets: Vintage, Forever 21 Bag: Gucci-vintage Watch: Michael Kors

 Boots: Steve Madden "Hoodlum"

Goes well with....


  1. The boots & the bracelets are my favorite! But I honestly love the whole outfit!

  2. i love your jacket! ohhh how i love velvet!