Friday, November 11, 2011

Fur, Jobs, & Versace.

Today was full of fashion fun...two jobs interviews and lots of running around in heels. I found myself wondering "Where's my coat?" all day. Yeah, it's bloody cold here all of a sudden, but a girl can't ruin her outfit for the sake of comfort right?  A little fur always helps though. I found this stole at H&M and ended up getting another about a week later. Love these things! Looking to get a white one soon.
 While I was downtown I got a chance to check out the Versace for H&M windows. Oh.My.God.So.Good. I have my eye on a few little items, gotta get a birthday dress pretty soon so why not? I never seem to make it to these designer collaboration openings though. Just the thought of standing in line and fighting over limited editions items with other lunatics like me is kind of a turn off. No, I'm more of the give it a week and see what's left after the riots kind of girl. But IF I was able to score a few items it would absolutely be the studded dress, and some good old Versace print pieces. Versace speaks to my nineties, Naomi Campbell lovin' self. This is the fashion I was bred on, giant safety pins and all.
In other news, I finally launched my new website check it out here--->

Fur stole: H&M, Blazer: Tommy Hilfiger, Blouse: Presence

Fur makes me ridiculously happy. 

Booties: H&M

Pants: J. Crew, Bag: Forever 21

Cuff: Vintage, Watch: Michael Kors

So good!

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  1. A very fun and fur filled day in the tundra.