Sunday, December 11, 2011

Last days..

So, I am quickly approaching the end on my college career..four more days!! I'm actually going to miss school. I like being in fashion classes among my people, you know, the other lunatics who understand the importance of a swatch and a good design. I am exciting to finally start putting all of this fashion business into motion. But for now, it's just finishing up with exams and final projects. It doesn't help that I have had an abnormally social weekend. I hung out with friends, played a show with my band and even went to the puppy store (no, I didn't buy). I also managed to drop my camera battery behind the stove never to be seen again! Yep, that happened. Now I am left stressed and struggling to get everything all finished up by thursday. Today was spent running all over town gathering swatches and other materials for my menswear final and making up a yoga sequence for a presentation. Here are some of my current ins and outs for my final days as a stressed college student:


-Philosophy Fresh Vanilla Frost Bubble Bath: The best thing after a long day of schlepping around horridly cold Chicago.

-My new DVF Wrap: I scored this little number in the Saks after Thanksgiving sales and finally got to wear it this weekend. No OOTD due to that little mishap with the camera battery :(

-Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish: Dark, sexy, vampy, classy. You know, it's just all that good stuff.

-Sweater tights: So much warmer than pants! I've been wearing a different pair everyday with wool skirts and shift dresses.

-My birthday: Knowing that I have an evening of guilt free partying ahead of me is always incentive to just buckle down and get my work done!

-Absolutely Fabulous: My all time favorite show! This is what I like to watch at the end of a crazy day...I just think, one day I will be some crazy fashion lady with too much time and money on her

-Hives: I'm breaking out in hives constantly due to an allergic reaction...trying to ignore it as to not make it worse.
                                  (no pic needed!)

- Chicago weather: it's "I might die right now" cold! What's worse is that it's going to be WORSE!

-Winston: Everyday I come home and this little guy is right where I left him, in bed. I'm starting to resent his laissez faire lifestyle.


  1. Chicago!!!!! Brrrrrrrr!!!!!
    Miami!!!!!! Oh yea!!!!!

  2. yes! saving miami for when i'm really sick of it!