Monday, July 4, 2011

wedding belle

So, this weekend my beloved Kate Moss finally wed Kills frontman Jamie Hince, and yes I am one of those girls that has been following every Kate fashion move since the Calvin Klein days. First of all, let me just say that I am NOT one of those wedding girls. Most gowns are of the generic strapless sort and standard black tuxedos make me sick with boredom, but every once and and a while a wedding comes along that gets me pretty excited. Instead of the royal sort I much prefer the rockstar/model union, it's a bit dirtier, sexier and just up my alley.
Kate's Galliano dress caused me to literally swoon out loud. That beading! That fabric, so diaphanous and delicious! But really, could anything less be expected from such a style icon? I think not. What really caused a stir in me was the veil. As and engaged lady myself, I had always hated the thought of the veil, now tough I dream of having one like this. It's just so soft and vintage, it has a real 1920's feel. The groom's suit was amazing as well, a powdery grey/blue. And is that a lilac tattersol shirt? Gorgeous! I can only hope that my own wedding is as lovely.

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